Commercial & Industrial

If your business suffers a property loss that could have a significant impact on continued business operations, you or your insured need a machinery restoration expert that will act quickly. If faced with smoke or water exposure, valuable machinery, electro-mechanical equipment, and piece parts could fall victim to rapid and costly corrosion.  Zodiac can respond quickly and halt further corrosion. This interim step allows you or your insured some time to plan and deal with the loss.

The Zodiac Solution

Machinery and equipment restoration begins with a proper evaluation. Zodiac engineers and technicians will assess what is necessary to clean and prolong the life of your equipment which will save you costly repairs or replacement in the future. Maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your equipment will be done by our restoration experts using today’s technology and the latest in cleaning solutions. Our cleaning and decontamination services are provided for disaster recovery as well as preventive maintenance.

Machinery restoration at Zodiac
Machinery Restoration Services
Machinery restoration at Zodiac