Commercial & Residential

Whether it’s your home or business, electronic equipment is vital to your lifestyle and business profitability. Zodiac applies high quality restoration standards and the latest in cleaning and decontamination techniques to every job. Our services can be mobilized and performed onsite or packed out and transported to our facility in the Chicagoland area for restoration and secure storage.

The Zodiac Solution

Electronics cleaning and decontamination is a highly technical field. Zodiac will help you identify the electronics that should be restored and propose one of our cleaning methods that will yield the best results, maintain the operational integrity of the equipment, and minimize any downtime. The restoration of electronics require significantly different cleaning and decontamination methodology depending on the contaminants involved and the degree of exposure.

Why Restore

Restoration services for electronics can usually get you or your insured back to a pre-loss condition more quickly than replacing equipment. Minimizing downtime means getting life back to normal and saving money.

Electronic Restoration at Zodiac
Electronic restoration at Zodiac
Electronic Restoration at Zodiac