Commercial & Residential

The cost of replicating data that might be corrupt due to power surge, lightning, fire or water can be enormous. Zodiac performs in-house data recovery on PCs, servers and laptops. Damaged computers can still have their data recovered, if done properly. Recovered data can be placed onto DVDs, portable hard drives, flash drives or transferred onto new computers. Confidentiality agreements are always in effect and all data is handled with the utmost security. When required, Zodiac will also destroy data media and provide a written certificate of destruction certifying that the data at issue is permanently destroyed.

Anywhere, Any Time

When an emergency strikes in the form of a flood, fire, power surge, lightning or airborne contamination, Zodiac can recover your data. We pride ourselves on our rapid response format, and on knowing what to do to avoid causing additional trauma to data storage media.

Data Recovery Services at Zodiac