Our People

Zodiac’s technical experts are in-house, skilled and certified to help return your losses to today’s standards. But that’s only the beginning. While our technical expertise has been acquired over hundreds of jobs, our people skills have been developed over a lifetime.

We see disasters on a daily basis, but our clients are often experiencing a fire or flood for the very first – and hopefully the last – time. We understand how to treat people and how to handle the often delicate process between the policy holder and the insurance company. It’s our goal to have an insured ask for our business card in case another loss occurs in the future because they are so pleased. It’s been happening that way for over 15 years and we strive to make it never ending.

Our Success

Our success has been driven by our ability to restore our client’s property to its pre-loss condition in a timely and cost-effective manner. But that’s just the technical part. We can also help point the insured in the right direction when it gets down to priorities.

For instance, even though a manufacturing company wants its machines restored first, the best expenditure of time is cleaning the phone system. Customers need to be notified of your contingency plans during an outage. Calling on the phone or communicating via text or email will bridge the gap between the insured and the customer during a disaster. This is just one of many, “been there, done that” loss related scenarios Zodiac can assist you with in times of loss.